Thursday, August 23, 2012

Heading to Portland for IFBC!

Michele and I are on our way to Portland for the 2012 InternationalFood Blogger Conference. I’m going to be doing a cooking demo as part of a food photography workshop led by acclaimed New York Times' food photographer, Andrew Scrivani.

As usual, you can follow my exploits on Twitter, where I’ll be posting pictures of all the deliciousness we experience along the way. By the way, this is our first time to The City of Roses, so if you have any hot tips, let me know. Thanks!

The Truth Hurts
Speaking of food bloggers, this iPhone parody video by Adam Sacks is one of the funnier things I’ve seen in a while, and would probably have most IFBC attendees laughing and weeping at the same time. Enjoy!


Tom Maynard said...

I'm definitely gettin' myself one of those! My wife will need her own, too.

We'll be happy together.

Chibby said...

I still refuse to buy a cell phone!Fight the power!!!!!

Unknown said...

If you get a chance to try some Portland food here are my favs:

1. Gruner
2. Mother's Bistro and Bar
3. Food Trucks!
4. Voodoo Donuts


Unknown said...

Go to Fore Street

Vincent said...

After seeing that video I couldn't help but to think of this one:

Morgan R. said...

I live in Portland! Get ready to have your taste buds blown! Recommendations: Screen Door, Andina, Woodsman Tavern, Besaw's, SALT & STRAW ICE CREAM (caps means it's a must!), Pok Pok, Bunk Sandwiches, and Lardo (hey, ZZ Top just went there last night!).

As for food carts: Euro Trash, Tabor, Brunch Box, and The Sugar Cube (located in the Lardo parking lot for some of the best desserts ever!).

You should also know that Portland is very serious about its brunch/breakfast. Screen Door does an amazing brunch on the weekends, but it's a bit of a wait. If you have time, though, I highly recommend it. Besaw's does an excellent breakfast during the week/brunch on the weekends. Other awesome breakfast spots that are open all week: Broder, Tasty n Sons, Zell's Cafe, Helser's, Jam on Hawthorne, City State Diner, and Ken's Artisan Bakery if you're looking to have some amazing pastry.

Tourist traps you don't want to fall into: Voodoo Doughnuts, Big Ass Sandwiches, and Pine State Biscuits. They're all just big lines, big prices, and very little pay off.

So excited for you guys to be here! I hope you have an excellent time. I know you will because Portland ROCKS, and I'm sure you'll want to come back soon! As you always say...enjoy! ;)

P.S. Fore Street is in Portland, Maine. So don't listen to the person who told you to go there.

Anonymous said...

Head to Gruner and get the burger, and Pok Pok for the chicken wings/everything else.

Anonymous said...

Powell's bookstore.
Try one of the many brew pubs!
Andina is excellent

Anonymous said...

Steve Jobs would never approve of the iphone 5. my wife says it lokes like a camera, and she may be right. apple messed up big on this one.

Renea said...

I'm so excited that you'll be visiting my little city! Let me know if you need any groupies to make you look important.

Sharon said...

Biggest tip for Stumptown (Portland) is Voodoo Doughnuts. But also try to get to the Oregon coast if you have time. It is VERY different from the golden coast.

Roberto said...

How about a short "behind the camera" video one of these days? I think many of us would be interested in your equipment and a quick peek at how you use it. Perhaps you could include any killer tips you pick up in Portland this weekend.

philogaia said...

Ah welcome to Portlandia! Not sure I could add much more than the avalanche of wonderful spots suggested by my fellow Stumptowners. Oh wait. Stumptown Coffee on 34th and Belmont. Not the regular coffee house on the corner but the tiny tasting room next door to it. Have them drip you a perfect cup and pay attention to how they do it. They'll be happy to instruct. It will be the best cup you've ever had and proof that Portlanders take their coffee VERY seriously.

Chef John said...

thank you everyone!!

Dede said...

Welcome to Portland Chef John! I am excited that you are just here. Thanks for being such a culinary inspiration! I will be making Steakages in your honor this weekend!