Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hola Granola

I recently heard someone call San Francisco a “granola town.” Not sure what that means exactly, although I assume it has something to do with those damn hippies. Anyway, it reminded me that we did a granola video way back in 2009 (before we were famous), so some of you may not have seen it yet. 

Besides, there’s no better way to enjoy that sweet, juicy, late-summer fruit than with yogurt and crunchy, homemade granola. Click here to read the original post, and get the ingredient amounts. Enjoy!


S/V Blondie-Dog said...

Hi Chef,

Thanks for the simple recipe that even I should be able to make.

BTW... SF may indeed be known as "Granola Town" but you should consider going to Key West sometime to check out all the "Fruits & Nuts".

In fact, my lady-friend has a theory on people wierdness and claims that people tend to get wierder the further down the Keys one goes with Key West being the wierdest Key of them all.

I'm just saying. :)

Igloo said...

Is "granola town" a compliment or an insult? :)

May said...


Certainly eating in is healthier. Nice recipe.

brian said...
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brian said...

This is not a bad recipe, very similar LG, minus the spices, plus the dried fruit. He bakes the granola at a slightly lower temperature which wouldn't work for our halved pecans - the best part of our recipe - as they need to be fully caramelized with our sugars. This video is a bit outdated though because now you CAN buy granola that good! Well.. at least in "Granola Town" SF.

Alec006 said...

Hey chef can I replace brown sugar and syrup by honey?

Chef John said...

Probably, but i've never tested!