Sunday, August 12, 2012

Time Machine Chefs to Air Thursday, August 16th!

(Left to right): Art Smith, Chris Cosentino, Jill Davie,
Ilan Hall. Photo ABC
As some of you may remember, last year I flew to LA for a month to help produce a television pilot for a show called “Time Machine Chefs.”

Well, I’m thrilled to announce that it’s going to air Thursday night on ABC! I believe it’s on at 9 PM, but as they always say, check your local listings.

Below you’ll see a trailer to get a little taste of this very unique cooking competition. Basically, four star chefs head back in time and are expected to create world class cuisine using only food and equipment available then.

Come on, how are you not going to watch that? You’re going to watch, right? I promised them like half a million viewers, so it’s time to rally, people! Enjoy!


Three Pipe Problem said...

"I could have eaten the brains of 50 of those ducks."

This looks totally awesome and makes me wish I had a tv.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can't wait Chef. I told everyone I know so that only leaves you needing 499,998 more people.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

This looks pretty interesting. Chef John will you appear in the show at all?

Chef John said...

No face time for CJ!

Chris K. said...

I think it was Douglas Coupland who once said time travel to the past was a great idea, but only if you got immunized first.

Please tell me you abandoned Chris Cosentino and Art Smith in the Stone Age.

DrKN said...

How amazing! Even i am a Chinese but still this is gonna be great!

Andrea LondoƱo said...

Hi Chef!

I love how interesting it is to learn how cooking technologies have changed. This is an aspect of history that is rarely mentioned. This being said, I find it that they make such an over-dramatization of the everything that makes me doubt if it will succeed. The (visually cheesy) time machine fridge, poor special effects, over dramatization of unnecessary comments like the one from the judge. It bugs me that those aspects distract from the main challenge. I may be wrong. What do you think?

Steve said...

Chef John:

Love your recipes, your videos, your jokes, your blog. I respect you greatly as a chef and as a teacher.

But does the world really need yet another cooking competition show? Iron Chef was amusing and sometimes even riveting in the original Japanese version, the American version less so, sustained largely by Alton Brown's sometimes witty and always intelligent commentary.

The rest of them. . . meh.

I really don't understand this propensity to turn every human activity, especially one so sublime as cooking, into some form of "battle to the death." Don't we have enough conflict in life already?

As much as I like and respect you, Chef, I won't be watching.


Chef John said...

I never argue personal taste, but when it comes to artistic content like music, art, entertainment, etc. the world never "needs" any of it. It just happens because people need to try different variations of everything, all the time. That's how we operate.

Also, I was asked to come down to help produce, so I don't want to take credit for the idea, although I love the concept of the historical challenges, and I think the show is very entertaining if seen in it's entirety.

But of course, to each their own! :-)

Morgan R. said...

Good Lord! I decided against the restaurant industry after graduating from CS because I didn't think I could handle being constantly berated by head/sous chefs. But a bitchy, gay head chef? That might've been worth it... ;)

Lauren said...

Corny, cheesey and a little stale... My favorite kind of cooking show! Chef John, you can count on one viewer. Only 499,999 more to go!

Anonymous said...

hope it's better than around the world in 80 plates. now that was a bomb.

Jennifer F said...

It would have been cooler if Chef John had some face time; or better yet was one of the chefs competing ><

Anonymous said...

Being TV-free, I didn't watch the show last night (ok, and it's not up on hulu or netflix yet); I did, however, wake up and see this:

Congratulations? (I think it's great that Slate reviewed it, and they seemed to mostly like the show.)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I had this on DVR and watched it last evening. I really enjoyed it and I hope the pilot leads to more episodes. That way Chef John makes lots of money and we get lots more of his cooking videos.

Nice job Chef and Good luck.

Justin said...

I watched the show and thought it was great! Well maybe the cheesy dialogue could be a little better, but I love the concept and creativity. Do you know if there will be future episodes? I'd love to see more!!