Thursday, February 8, 2007

Crunchy Asian Slaw – low fat, low carb, high flavor!

This slaw is fast to make, and very versatile as a base for almost any grilled meat or fish. Also, this dish is easily customized by adding any number of your favorite Asian ingredients. Try and find the daikon sprouts I used, as they will add a unique and peppery touch. Make sure you watch the Salmon Mango Bango recipe that we used to top this slaw. It is a really nice combo!

The Japanese vegetable slicer I used on the carrots is a great gadget to have around. You’ll see me use it for many things. They are relatively inexpensive and last a very long time. I prefer them over the way-to-expensive French metal versions.


lilian85 said...

This sounds lovely. Would it be best if it is served immediately or refrigerated for about 1 hr?

Chef John said...

Right away!

Anonymous said...

Did you post the ingredients? or its just me not being able to find it?

I know there is not much ingredients, but it'd still be great to have them.

Anonymous said...

Master, what's the name of that last green ingredient you put after the dressing (in a white bowl)? I'm from Brazil and I coundn't understand the name... Thanks and congratulations for your great work!