Monday, February 12, 2007

Crispy Skin Salmon on Warm Potato Mushroom Salad with Cherry Tomato Citronette

This dish shows off the importance of contrasting textures and temperatures when assembling a dish. The hot, crisp skinned salmon tops a warm, soft, earthy mushroom and potato salad; both are surrounded by a cool, tangy tomato citronette (vinaigrette made with citrus instead of vinegar). You’ll be amazed how delicious the skin of the salmon gets when cooked this crisp! It also has a high concentration of the healthy oils that salmon is renowned for.

NOTE: cooking time for the salmon was 5 minutes on the skin side, and then 2 minutes on the other. This gave me a nice medium doneness (a bit pink in the middle).

2 Boneless Wild Salmon Fillet (4-5 Oz. Each) SKIN ON!!!
8 Oz Cooked Yukon Gold Potato
2 Cups Mushrooms
1 Clove Garlic
1 Cup Cherry Tomatoes
1 Tsp Herb Mustard
Olive Oil
1 Lemon
Salt and Pepper


Anonymous said...

Mmmm... looks tasty and I bet it was.
This dish combines all my favorites salmon, potatoes, and mushrooms. And the skin Looks really crispy. As Rachel Ray would say," Delish". Which I came up with first. Mmm

sabreena98 said...

I just made the salmon part of this recipe (with cheese grits) and it was terrific. I did lose teh skin on one piece but it was still oh so tasty