Friday, March 30, 2007

Mushroom Gravy – Quick, somebody find me a slice of meatloaf!

My mother just reminded me that I promised a mushroom gravy recipe clip when I did the meatloaf demo. So, here you go; better late than never. This mushroom sauce can be done with any type of stock, but I used beef stock here since I’m going to be making some more meatloaf (if you haven’t seen that clip, check it out here).

This is usually a 2 pan recipe; chefs normally brown the mushroom in a large sauté pan and then add them to a sauce pan to finish the sauce, but why wash another pan when you don’t have too? So, I’m showing you my patented single-pan method. It does take longer, but the final results will be the same. Be patient, wait until all the liquid is gone and the mushrooms are browning in the butter before you make the roux. Enjoy!

1 pound sliced mushrooms
1 quart beef stock or broth
1/2 stick butter
3 rounded tbl flour
salt and pepper to taste
fresh herb (this is optional, I used Thyme)


Anonymous said...

That looks great! Now i have to make the meatloaf... thanks!

julianwang4 said...

ummm...gravy is thicker and usually made of roux? Idk.

Chef John said...

Give the clip another look. I did make a roux, and like most of my sauce recipes I say you can reduce to thicken. The "thickness" of a gravy is up to the Chef, it is IMHO not what defines the sauce. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hello, how can I make the mushroom sauce thicker?

Chef John said...

add another tbsp or two of flour at that step.

Diana said...

I made this mushroom gravy yesterday to go along with meatloaf (your recipe as well) and i have to say, that this was the best gravy ive ever had! seriously, it was great. This recipe is definitely going into my recipe book. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes.

hankgarfield said...

Hi Chef, can the completed gravy be put into little containers, stored in the freezer and then later, after microwave thawing, be used to spoon over your (my) "minute steak" etc ?? Guess I'll do that with basted eggs and sour dough toast !!! You're a fun friend to have around in the kitchen - thanks.

Chef John said...

Yes, you can freeze!

Danielle said...

I'm making this tonight. I can't wait. It looks great!

Anonymous said...

would adding red wine make it darker and richer? or simply spoil it?

Liverpool :D said...

How much is one pound into grams

Janet said...

454 g = 1lb

Janet said...

So... Chef John... at my age of 60 figuring out what to make for dinner was BORING!
That changed when I 'met' you.
I check out a recipe(&video) then get the goodies at the grocer. In the evening my husband and I watch the video(s), divide duties / share the meal prep (with a glass of wine) and enjoy the time and the food.
We both get a charge out of your approach.
Last night we did the 'Chicken and Mushrooms' and he struggled to show the appropriate restraint but with much encouragement he did...the meal was, of course, delicious!
Tonight is meatloaf...which is in the oven (with glaze! yummy). Looking forward to eating.
THANK YOU for the videos and being you.

Chef John said...

Thanks for watching!

Dorte said...

Chef John, i am german and live here with my american husband.
It all started a few weeks ago when I looked for a fresh idea on the turkey-xmas-dinner.... And I found you!!
Now I spend most of my days watching your videos, shopping for the right foods and cooking!
My family has never been happier and loves you as much as I do.
You combine the traditional american "stuff", that I have access to through the military, with the fresh, lighter European ways, love, love, love it!!

Cynthia Rita Gerard said...

Hi Chef John,
May I use up my gigantic jar of dehydrated mushrooms for this recipe? I think I have to soak them back to life & then pretend they're the same as fresh mushrooms.... Thanks!

J Kennedy said...

I made your classic meatloaf and it was amazing.

I also made the mushroom gravy! I added a bit of tomato paste after the mushrooms had browned and it was prefect with the meatloaf! I highly recommend the addition!

LunaRendezvous said...

Gave this a try last night and it was delicious, though I used home made chicken stock instead of beef. And yes I did make meatloaf to go with the lovely mushroom gravy, prison style too! Then decided I needed some green on my plate and whipped up some cream spinach... my family thanks you Chef John.