Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Greens in a Cucumber Vase (pronounced “vaahhzzzz”) - When a plain old salad bowl just won’t do!

Today I’m showing one of those very simple restaurant tricks that anyone could do at home, but don’t. The next time your doing a dinner party and want to “fancy-up” the salad course, try this easy technique. You can do this with a large vegetable peeler if you have to, but I hope that by now you’ve purchased one of those cheap Japanese-style vegetable slicers you see me using in so many of my clips. They really are an incredibly versatile tool and EVERY professional kitchen has one somewhere.

If you have room in your fridge, you can form the “vases” ahead of time and keep them cold until you are ready to serve. By the way, as I mention in the clip, the Salmon Cakes and Tarragon Aioli that I show at the end of the video are a little tease for a couple of demo’s coming up this week. So stay tuned for those. Enjoy!

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nanny truong said...

Great idea. Will try!