Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spaghetti Squash 101

Please Note: This is another older clip that I'm moving from my old blog, so a few of you may have seen it before. And, I know it's not exactly "squash season" but as I've already said on several other posts, I want to eventaully have my complete video recipe library on this blog. Also, the sound is not great,but it's still worth a look if you've never tried this great squash.

This is such a great vegetable for many reasons. It has a nice, subtle sweet flavor. It is almost foolproof to cook. And, it looks like spaghetti! You may have seen this under some fish cheeks in another clip, as it is a fantastic base for so many things. This clip just shows the basic steps to preparing the squash, but my hope is that you watch this demo and invent some wonderful combinations, and then report back to me!


Anonymous said...

I had never eaten it before, but made spaghetti squash the other day. One half I cooked with preserved limes and just finished at the end with cracked pepper and a little butter. The other half I took out about 10 minutes shy of being done, scraped the strands with a fork and topped with spicy spaghetti sauce and cheese and finished cooking it like a giant potato skin. I loved the lime version, but the rest of my family liked the spaghetti version better.
Either way, I will make this again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great video!

Greeter said...

I am so glad you post basic things too! I trust you.

s2murray said...

I just did this and made one half with S&P, I sprinkle of Cayanne pepper and a pinch of salt then drizzled with olive oil. The other half are used a mild yellow curry powder on and it was delicious !! I have to say all of your recipes of been a complete success for me. Thanks again Chef John !!