Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On the Road to Las Vegas – What happens there definitely won’t stay there

I thought I would post a quick update for all of you waiting patiently for a new recipe clip. I’ve leaving Giants Spring training with a record of 2-1, and everything I’d heard about spring baseball in the desert turned out to be true; beautiful sunny weather, small ballparks where you’re right on top of the players, cold beer, hot dogs, and lots of well-oiled bare skin. Other than that it wasn’t that great. I don’t like to post without photos so here is a couple from the old ball park. The first is a culinary student from Scottsdale cooking Bratwurst, and the second a Chicago Cubs fan who I assume likes to eat Bratwurst.

I can now admit it; this was not just a vacation. I actually had a bit of business to take care of, which went very well. It looks like I’ll be doing some work as private chef for several of the SF Giants this season. Before you ask who, let me say that similar to doctors and mob lawyers, private Chefs’ clients expect a certain level of confidentiality, so I’m not saying who.

I’m headed to Las Vegas for an overnight stay, and then back to San Francisco on Wednesday. I hope to post Wednesday evening and then get back on the “new post every day” schedule you’ve hopefully grown accustom. Again, I thank you for your patience and I can’t wait to get back to the City and start cooking for you all. I have lots of requests to do and during these long drives I’ve been brainstorming some crazy new ideas. Well, we must be getting close; I just saw an “All You Can Eat” billboard…wish me luck!

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childsdish said...

Las Vegas - What won't stay there, your money? Hope you hit a few Jackpots and welcome home to California!

I'm looking forward to seeing new clips on your site, plus, I guess I will need to also start watching the Giant's games now, to try to figure out who the lucky ones are, whose diet's have the luxury of your cooking skills.