Monday, October 27, 2008

The Best Grilled Ham and Cheese Ever

For some reason the WiFi network here at the hotel is not allowing uploads over a certain size, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow evening, when I return to San Francisco, to see this video

This stunning specimen of a grilled sandwich was created with scavenged ingredients found in the hotel, and was cooked in my room without the benefit of a kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Did you use the iron? If you did...ho man if you did...


An Ng. said...

I'm thinking - iron grilled cheese sandwich? XD

Anonymous said...

Did you eat this around the time you posted it, 4A? Maybe a late night at the crap tables? Hope the trip was a success in more ways than one.

Chef John said...

all shall be revealed

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm really not all that impressed, Chef.
I mean :
The bread = An old insole.
The ham : Michelle... we hardly knew ye.
The cheese : well, as my Grandma once told me, "Where there are toes, there is always toe cheese."

And the rest - couldn't be easier.
Leave this beauty on top of your desk lamp all night by accident, and when you wake up at 2pm, you've got yourself a beautiful sandwich.

My only real question, Chef John, is how did you get the image of the Virgin Mary on there just right? No matter how hard I do my rosary I always get what looks like Vic Tabback.
As usual, I am left sans the throngs of people outside of my window looking for a glimpse... save for a couple of Alice fans.

Save me, Chef John!

Scott - Boston

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you could could a grilled cheese with a hair straightener... of course I wouldn't want to use it on my hair again.

Anonymous said...

Within 2 days of viewing this here, I saw a character do it on some TV series. I'll try to remember which one. (might have been Life on Mars)
Luisa, Vacaville

Anonymous said...

I better not have to use that iron on my white blouse! LOL