Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Fremont Street Experience

My hotel is in downtown Las Vegas, on Fremont Street, which many claim to be the four most photographed blocks in the world. The entire street is covered with a television canopy, five football fields long, which bombards the revelers below with an music-synched visual display - think Lasarium on acid.

This part of town is euphemistically called "vintage Vegas" and claims to be the "real" Las Vegas." Nothing says vintage like the world's biggest TV screen. All I can say is that I'm never staying in fake Vegas again. Viva, vintage Las Vegas!

This was just a quick video I threw together to give you an idea of my base of operations. I didn't have time to edit a voice-over, so George Thorogood (misspelled in the clip!) stepped in.


Adam Schlozman said...

thats funny the lady in the "Celebrate 100 years of Vintage Vegas" picture is eating shrimp cocktail that looks exactly like yours.

Anonymous said...

When I lived there we called it ghetto Vegas..but that doesn't market too well.


Connie T. said...

I lived in Vegas 32 years. I worked at City Hall and would walk downtown for lunch or go to the El Cortez and gamble. That was when you could drive down Fremont Street. I think the canopy cheapened Downtown. Old Vegas is when you could drive down Fremont steet, not walk it. That was when the shimp coctail for 99 cents was big and good.