Friday, January 29, 2010

What Happened in Vegas: 3 Courses, 3 Chefs, 3 Demos, and 1 Very Funny Answer

Hello from Las Vegas! Last night was a great start to what's looking to be a very delicious trip. We got a tour of the Bellagio Hotel's finest food offerings with the hotel's Food & Beverage Director, Daniel Adams.

After the tour we headed to their Tuscany demonstration kitchen for a three-course meal. The food was done by three of the Bellagio's newest chefs, who also demo'd the dish in front of us before it
was served.

A great first course of scallops, cauliflower and truffled Brussels sprouts was prepared by Chef Jaime Mendoza
of Olives. The main course of beef short ribs with chive spaetzle was prepared by Chef Sean Griffin of Prime, and the dessert course was prepared by Chef Jean-Marie Auboine, who made something called "8 Chocolate Textures."

Chef Jean-Marie had the line of the night when one of the reporters asked him, "why 8?" He replied, "Because 9 is too many." That's so chef. Enjoy the pictures, and stay tuned!

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