Sunday, February 20, 2011

Follow Me, Foodie, Over to Follow Me Foodie

During the video panel discussion I participated in at the 2010 Foodbuzz Blogger Festival, I offered to showcase videos created by any of the young, budding video bloggers in attendance. One such blogger is the lovely and talented, Mijune, from Follow Me Foodie.

Of course when I made my offer, I should have been clearer that I didn't really want videos whose quality and production value were better than mine, but it's too late now. A promise is a promise. Here are Mijune's first two videos – an introduction to her new format, and a review of YEW Restaurant & Bar at The Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver, BC.

By the way, the second video illustrates why I could never do video reviews. Once you feed me, any semblance of journalistic integrity dissolves like a pinch of salt in a free bowl of soup. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

It's sad to see Kobe beef disrespected like that :( I really like how honest she is though. She's pretty, but don't worry chef John you're just still so much cuter ;)

Mijune said...

Oh wow!!!! Chef John!! Thank you so much!! I really LOL'd at your post!! I agree with the comment above! In that seminar I first met you at... with 90% women in the room... you STOLE our hearts with your charm and homour! You were so down to Earth and truly passionate that you inspired the room that day. Thank you for inspiring me. I'm honoured with this post.

Livia said...

That was fun. But I looove the cooking part. And you teach us how to cook. I love that your recipes are accessible (I'm a student, no great kitchen here), yet they yield absolutely wonderful dishes.

Oh, and you make me laugh!

So, please keep it up Chef!

Anonymous said...

Too much bread.
Too many toppings.
Too cooked.
Too dry.
Needs mayonnaise (preferably Japanese).


Jim said...

By the way, Wagyu and Kobe are not the same thing.


Asian Malaysian said...

Dear John,

While I will always cherish the time weve had together, I have to Follow Me Foodie. Its not you. Its Mijune.


Rita said...

as always, you crack me up! don't worry about it, my dear chef. there's nothing from the video that i saw that blew me away. really. i agree with a couple of the commenters, you're still cuter ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mijune, watching an extremely beautiful wisp of a girl tell us she is starving and then stuff herself with food at exciting restaurants is just not what I need in my life.
Sorry Chef John, just keepin it real and you are the real deal for me. Love you!

Chef John said...

I always appreciate the nice words (especially about being cute), but I'm not sure why people feel the need to compare what I do to other formats. Mijune, and other video bloggers I feature have their own styles and points of view. Plenty of room for all of us, and you all get decide what and when to watch. :-)

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen so far she's just a cute critic of fast food bars with a hint of sex in the city about the production.

Your style of presentation is about how to cook, the preparation with no hype which is vastly superior to clever editing.

Mijune said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone. In no way was I trying to take you away from the amazing and beloved Chef John (not that I would be able to even if I tired and/or would ever want to). I think he's AWESOME and INSPIRING.

We both do different things and I'm honoured that he wrote this post for me.

We both have a love for food and appreciate it in different ways. He cooks and I write about it :)... comes from the same love.