Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Special: Average Betty and Fabio Sexy-Up Chicken and Rice!

I'm still in West Chester, PA, after a fascinating day of training at QVC. Since I have no new video recipe to share, I'll have to do the next best thing, and use somebody else's. 

Here's my buddy Sara from Average Betty getting all female on international playboy, and Top Chef All-Star, Fabio Viviani, who in return gets all Fabio on her. Together they bring you a rustic Chicken Marsala recipe served with an unusual, but erotically charged Strawberry Champagne Risotto. This menu is so Fabio and Average Betty, it hurts.

I've posted my slightly less steamy version below, and it's one of the recipes I always recommend for Valentines Day, especially for new cooks. It's fast, easy, and always impresses that special someone. I hope you enjoy both videos!

Be sure to check out the full blog post on Average Betty, which includes recipes and lots more information! 

Chef John's Chicken Marsala

See Chef John's original Chicken Marsala post here, and get all the ingredients and more info.


averagebetty said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Chef John! I can only begin to express to you the level of LOL achieved when I read the words, "erotically charged Strawberry Champagne Risotto." Best Valentine e-var! xoxoxo

Razors Edge said...

So sad to see Fabio get the ax last night :~(

Asian Malaysian said...

Yeah, sent out on a burger too. :-(

Chef John, would you please consider auditioning for the next season of Top Chef and showing all these bums how its done?

Asian Malaysian said...

From youtube:

"I have to say that I think Chef John (of Foodwishes)'s version of chicken marsala looks much better (I can just hear Fabio interjecting here that Chef John's version is French-Top Chef reference) though Strawberry Champagne Risotto is inspired. Loved the video. Keep up the good work! :)
asianmalaysian 1 day ago

@asianmalaysian MMM! Chef John's Chicken Marsala looks delicious-- I think it's funny (and ironic) that Chef John mentions "the flareup" and points out you could lose an eyebrow (doing it Fabio style). I did eat the Chicken Marsala that Fabio prepared and it was some of the best I've had. Maybe Chef John and Fabio need to have a throwdown?! LOL

averagebetty 7 hours ago"

AppleyEverAfter said...

HAHA, "my lady she like chef."

"And this is our sexy risotto..."

Anonymous said...

I made Chicken Marsala last night for Valentine's. It turned out to be so good and dear hubby was very surprised and loved it. Thank you Chef John ... oh I also made the Chili Chocolate Mousse and it was amazing. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for making it a very special day.