Sunday, February 27, 2011

Popping Off About the Oscars Tonight

Photo by Flickr User TimShoesUntied
I'm finishing up my last day of work here at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, and fly back to snowy San Francisco tomorrow. This means I will miss the Oscars, which upsets me about as much as missing a dentist appointment, but had I been around I would have done some kind of special Oscar party snack, probably based around popcorn.

So instead you'll have to suffer though this little collection of popcorn-based content from YouTube. The song, "Popcorn," was the first "favorite song" I ever remember having, and below you get to see Will Ferrell dance to it. We also has a spicy popcorn by Pedro Ceja; a Parmesan Popcorn & Chocolate-Covered Cornflakes snack duo from Amy Blogs Chow; and finally, a super-slow-mo of a kernel of popcorn popping, just because. Enjoy!

Will Ferrell Dances to the Popcorn Song

Spicy Popcorn by Pedro Ceja

Amy Blogs Chow: Parmesan Popcorn & Chocolate-Covered Cornflakes

Popcorn Kernel in Slow Motion


Anonymous said...

Hey Chef John! You have a Wikipedia page on you! You are official now! ;)

rosemary said...

Just yesterday I was thinking of doing something for you to be on Wikipedia. Am so happy its already done! Soooo happy!!

Anonymous said...

WikiJohn! Ya gotta be somebody or something special for recognition there! And you are!

Birder said...

I really like the popcorn idea. One question though: I always thought that cooking garlic on high heat was a no-no. Is it different for this case? Thanks!

Foodimama said...

I also noticed that! wouldnt that make the garlic bitter?

Chef John said...

Yes, dark brown would be bitter, but golden brown is OK. If you look closely the dark in the pan is the dark chili flakes. The garlic was still OK.