Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why is Chocolate So Popular on Valentine's Day? Because it Works!

I'm not saying that homemade "Good for One Full Body Massage" gift certificate you're making for your Valentine isn't going to be a huge hit, but just in case, you may want to whip up one or more of these sexy chocolate desserts. Enjoy!

The marriage of warm, crispy-edged bread, peppery olive oil, bittersweet chocolate, and briny sea salt is sublime.

Along with the chocolate come the simple additions of milk and seltzer water. The magic of this drink is how the minimalist design produces such a rich, yet refreshing chocolate beverage.

You have to be careful when making someone a homemade gift for Valentine's Day. There's a very fine line between, "Oh, you are so thoughtful, romantic, and creative!" and "You cheap bastard!


The cake in this recipe is simply acting as a pastry cream and chocolate ganache delivery system. A Boston cream pie is all about the pastry cream and ganache. 

I always thought the saying should have been, "you can't have your chocolate coins and eat them too." I mean who wants to keep cake around? It gets stale.

These dense, dark, and dangerously addictive cookies feature a dose of black pepper and cayenne. If my wife, Michele, a renown foodie, calls these her favorite cookies, you know they rock!

For you single guys that aren't handsome, don't have money, and can't play a musical instrument, this may be the only arrow in Cupid's quiver. But take heart, it is a devastating weapon when used correctly.

Chocolate mousse is a surprisingly easy "fancy" dessert you can make for your Valentine's dinner. This video recipe shows my favorite basic chocolate mousse recipe, with the addition of a little dash of chipotle pepper - which really does some strange and wonderful things.


Kari said...

I JUST made a chocolate egg creme this evening! :D My straw stood up in it and everything. I'll try at least one of these for V-Day.

Anonymous said...

Simply Delish! But which is the best?

Carmen said...

I like the Boston Cream Pie.

Damian said...

These look perfect for valentines day. Will definitely look into making one of these and couple it with a nice bottle of SouthAfrican wine(because I am from SA) and I will have the perfect end to a great dinner.

Tarnation said...

I have made your chocolate coins. Wonderful!

Amy Lynn said...

Chef John,

I made the chocolate crostinis for Christmas Eve, and people could not get enough of them!

Anonymous said...

Which is your favorite Chef John?:)

Anonymous said...

Chef John, might be a silly q but... what's the size of the ramekins you use?

I tried buy some here and they are gigantic!