Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Humbling Strawberry Rhubarb Reminder

I was checking Twitter mentions last week, and saw that a viewer by the name of
nguyen4 had posted a strawberry rhubarb pie photo on Instagram (left), and credited me for the recipe. At first, I thought they were mistaken, as I didn’t recognize the pie as one of my creations, but then I realized that was because they’d made it so much better looking than mine. I hate/love when that happens. 

Anyway, once I got over this blow to my ego, I decided to repost this in case you missed it the first time, or just needed a little reminder as to what a fantastic spring pie this really is. Enjoy!

To read the original post and get the ingredient amounts, click here.


Monica said...

i have made it several times and it is yummy. have to use frozen rhubarb and that is better thawed overnight in the fridge.

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Hello Chef John.... apologies if my question is off topic to this recipe, but I'm currently cooking one of your earlier recipes, particularly your roasted tomato pasta sauce where you used fresh oregano.

I'm a bit puzzled because the oregano you used is different from the one growing where I am. Our oregano has really huge leaves which are kinda thick and hairy. One particular leaf is easily 3 inches across.

What do you think would be the difference?

Chef John said...

must be a different variety! all i've seen are small leaves.

mattjeast said...

Chef John - I love your blog and look forward to new videos posted on a regular basis. Would you consider it socially acceptable to use frozen rhubarb (or strawberries)? If so, would you defrost them first, or would you put them in frozen? I've put in my time doing fresh pie crusts, so I figure those dues paid possibly have carryover value.

Chef John said...

Never tried, but would worry about too much liquid. Would have to be thawed and very well drained I think. Thanks!

Andria said...

Can't wait to try this Chef John ! I love your term " frustard" lol~~