Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Next Up: Copycat Ketchup Breakthrough


Judy said...

oooo goody!

Kathy Berken said...

Just watched the 45 minute video interview with you on FBI ... Food Business something or other. Cool to listen to tell your story and what makes you successful.
My thought is this. You are just being your naturally talented and funny self.
But your cooking videos are excellent in many ways. You don't waste time and you show us exactly how to make something.
I've been cooking all my life (I'm 63), and I learn best by watching.
So, you have become my favorite online chef.

Chef John said...

thank you!!

Nise said...

Because Kathy Berken enjoyed it, I watched and loved your interview on FBI also. Five things I noticed about you that I jotted down while watching; I felt you were eloquent, humble, informative, respectful and accessible. I've only been watching for few months and I like trying to catch up on archived videos. Thanks, Chef John!