Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Spicy, Dicey, Mango Relish

I’m sure I’ve done at least 50 videos where I promise I’ll show a side dish or technique seen therein at a future date. Of course, I usually forget about it shortly thereafter, unless someone pokes me, but in the case of this spicy mango relish, I actually reminded myself.

I found myself in possession of some nice, fat shrimp, which I planned to spice up and sear simply (I promise to show that recipe at a future date). I was thinking of topping with some kind of fresh salsa, when I saw Michele had bought some mangoes for a lassi (I promise to show that recipe at a future date).

As luck would have it, the mangoes were sitting near a can of coconut milk, and I remembered the rice pudding video, and the diced mango technique I had so casually promised. The rest of the story is kind of anti-climatic.

This mango relish is wonderfully versatile and infinitely adaptable. It might be at its best simply enjoyed with tortilla chips, but a close second would be as I used it here, to dress some kind of spicy meat. It was crazy good on these shrimp. Promise me you will give it a try soon…or at a future date. Enjoy!

Ingredients for about 3/4 cup Mango Relish:
1 mango, prepped as shown
2 tsp chopped cilantro
2 tsp sambal chili sauce, or other type of fresh or jarred chilies
2 tsp rice wine vinegar
big pinch of salt
Please Note: everything here is “to taste.”

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dz.m.ziv said...

I love mango! They haven't started popping up yet here in Israel, but as soon as they do, I am grilling some fish and making this to top them with! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Great video Chef J! I am wondering though, what happened to the sweet "rim shot" after your best jokes. The relish gag truly deserved one :)

Travis -KC

bmblogger said...

Chef John, we love you up here in Montreal, Quebec. One question totally unrelated to cooking: What do you look like? Lol

Your videos are simple, informative & fun to watch.
Especially with the lilt in your voice and sometimes corny jokes! :-) a big fan!

Brian said...

I've found some hot Mango meat for you, Chef John.

And as always... ENJOY.


Unknown said...

Would this be safe to preserve in small jars (water bath canned) if you made a ton of it?

BenBarefoot said...

You know what I'd bet that would go good on?... Fish Tacos! It's worth a try. I mean I like the white sauce and everything, but mango relish? Mmmm! First you'd have to make the fish tacos of course, but once the fish tacos are done your guest would have a choice between that white bite and the sweet heat. That sounds wonderful, eh? Yeah... yes it does... fish tacos... mmm! Welp, I think we know what we need to do now. Don't we?

cookinmom said...

OK...I promise!!!

Elena Sandor said...

I love your videos, so many tips and recipes to learn! Thank you.

Locatively Aware said...

@BenBarefoot: It absolutely does. He posted basically this exact same recipe before for a topping for grilled mahi mahi. http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2011/06/mahi-mahi-with-spicy-thai-chili-mango.html And mahi mahi is classicly fantastic in fish tacos. I've been using this relish on my fish tacos ever since he posted that mahi mahi recipe.

Reenie said...

Chef, I don't know if my comment prompted you to do this... But, many thanks! I'll be chopping up some mangoes soon =)

admada said...

Where is a mango lassi recipe, dude!