Thursday, June 11, 2009

Embarrass Your Wine Snob Friends AND Win $10,000 – Now That's a Win, Win!

I love watching blind taste tests. Whenever they show those taste surveys for coffee, bottled water, beer, etc., I'm always glued to the screen. I love to see the looks on peoples faces after they've chosen the 50-cent truck stop coffee over their $4.75 Starbucks.

Call me a jerk, but I really get my schadenfreude on watching the sweet humiliation of a Fiji bottle water drinker who picks the New Jersey tap water as their favorite. So, when I heard that Black Box Wine was going to give someone a $10,000 prize for posting a video of similar reactions, I had to investigate.

Black Box Wines does a 4-bottle-sized box of wine for $24.99, which according to my sources deep within the wine-tasting community have received very nice reviews. I will taste some next week, and give you my highly unreliable opinion then.

In the meantime, check out the “You Got Boxed” contest website for details on how to score the cash by filming your guests reactions to finding out the "premium" wines they have been tasting is actually a boxed table wine. Imagine the hilarious possibilities.

Here's a sample entry video they posted to give you an idea of what they're looking for. Even if you have no plans for making a video, and putting Mr. "I'm getting a hint of cassis and coconut" in his place, I still think you should watch, if only to enjoy what is quite possibly the worst acting ever. Sweet soundtrack too. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I am so doing this. I have a couple serious snobby friends I'd love to "fool" heheh. And yes, that was the worse acting ever!!! painful.

An Ng. said...

I didn't have to look up schadenfreude. Yay me!!!

Heidi from DenverDryGarden said...

Black Box is actually our wine of choice for camping! It packs well :)
Looking forward to seeing you in Aspen!!!

Asian-Malaysian said...

Look forward to your tasting notes, Chef John. My experience with boxed wine hasnt been really bad but its not been something Id strongly recommend either. "Vin de pays and so will you." as the feller sez.

Joe Dirt said...

wow, really freaky! I was watching the video when I realized the guy pulling the prank was wearing the *exact* same outfit I have on right now : a Dickies light blue shirt and matching dark blue Dickies pants. The guy's got taste you can't refute that. But man, what are the odds?