Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Tuesday Tease: Tomorrow We Make Aioli ala Michael Symon

My favorite chef demo this past weekend was called "For the Love of Pork," by Iron Chef Michael Symon. In it, he made his basic all-purpose aioli, which reminded me that I've never actually done a simple, no-equipment-needed version for the site.

Tune in tomorrow for the vi
deo recipe for what is quite possibly the greatest sauce in the history of the world.

The photo here shows the chef whisking away, as captured in the overhead mirror above his cutting board.

He used the aioli on a pork belly BTL that was so good, when he bit into it he said to the audience, "It sucks to be you."

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Luatica said...

I wonder how he did alioli. In my place is mashed garlic with a pinch of coarse salt while emulsifying some oil into it. We do it with pestle and mortar.