Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Tuesday Tease Times Two

I take off tomorrow, but will be posting a video for, not one, but two delicious recipes. Pictured here is one of my favorite summer side dishes, a toasted corn salad, which is dressed with a very light, but extremely flavorful creamy Italian dressing. Stay tuned to watch both recipes!


Unknown said...

Hi I'm writing you from Spain. I like so much your salad. And of course I going to do it this summer.

I love Piquillo, but I always put it in a Pan before cut it, for a few minutes, with a bit of olive oil. This is because I don´t like the "can" flavor that it has.

thanks for this recipe and regards.

Asian-Malaysian said...

And still you tease me with that chicken roulade, you cruel, cruel man.

Chef John said...

sorry, they haven't posted on about.com yet. out of my hands!