Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day Eve

I can’t believe tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day! Seems like just yesterday I was shoveling snow at my mother's house. Anyway, it's too late to do any new Irish-inspired recipes, so I'll do the next best thing and post links to these three delicious videos (click on the recipe captions, and away you go).

By the way, any Irish drinking jokes you may hear in these clips were only meant to offend my Irish friends and family members, and not the general Irish-American community. Having said that, most of them will be too drunk to care tomorrow, so I guess it really doesn’t matter. Erin go Bragh!

Coconut Milk Red Curry Corned Beef and Cabbage

Hearty Irish Stew
Classic Corned Beef and Cabbage


Asian Malaysian said...

Its St Patrick's Day here today so this post was perfectly timed.:-)

philogaia said...

I'm one step ahead of you for a change, Chef. I've been wanting to try the red curry corned beef and have it up in another tab and the corned beef standing by to go in the pot today. I'm looking forward to trying this.

And since corned beef and cabbage isn't Irish, it is American, the Thai spicing I think just makes it more American.

Gigi said...

Chef John,
Plan to make the Thairish Stew tonight. My dutch oven cannot be put on stove, so I'll cook in oven at... 300degrees? For a couple of hours?

Many thanks! And happy day.

Chris K. said...

Hey Chef,

Your corned beef hash recipe is conspicuously missing here! Are you saving it for the weekend?

As much as I enjoy corned beef & cabbage, it's really only an excuse to make hash for breakfast. And pastrami...

philogaia said...

I'm not sure what was more fun, making this dish, enjoying it, or watching the look on friends' faces when I told them what I cooked.

This was wonderful. What a nice change from the standard corned beef recipe. I opened the uncured corned beef from Trader Joe's and found to my chagrin that the spices were embedded in the meat. I stared at that awhile and decided that none of them looked like they would clash with the curry paste. But I did wash the meat before I cooked it. The dish turned out fine.